Laker Disappointment: Is It Inevitable?

For many of the front-running bandwagon Los Angeles Lakers "fans" that currently claim to be part of the "Laker Nation", Laker disappointment isn't something they believe can ever happen.

That's because they have been Lakers "fans" for only as far back as the first of the Lakers' current two title run.

But for true Lakers fans, those that truly bleed purple-and-gold, those that have aligned their own fortunes and joy to those of the team, Laker disappointment is something that they are not only well acquainted with, but which they accept as a fact of life.

Most of the "fans" these days are not even aware of what an accomplishment and rarity the 87-88 "back-to-back" was, or that the Houston Rockets brought more anguish and disappointment to the Laker Nation in the 80's than the Boston Celtics.

They never experienced the true villainy of Isiah Thomas' Detroit Pistons, not to mention that of Billups, Prince, Hamilton and the Wallace "twins", and never suffered through the "lost decade" of the 1990's.

They never cheered on the tandem of Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones, never suffered the embarrassment of the antics of Cedric "'Chise" Ceballos, never felt the stomach-turn of seeing Sedale Threatt as the cover star of the Lakers Calendar, and never felt so rejected as when Anthony Miller's dunk attempt was viciously rejected by the Miami Heat's Alonzo Mourning, coached by former Laker hero-turned-villain Pat Riley.

These so-called "fans" think "Magic" is the team in Orlando, never saw Magic's three-point clinic in the 1992 NBA All-Star Game winning his last All-Star MVP, never saw Magic play power forward, never saw Magic coach, never saw "The Magic Hour", and never heard Magic sing "Kiss" by Prince or painting the town red with the ladies before his HIV infection.

True Lakers fans have seen the disappointment.  

But for Lakers...

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