LA Lakers vs. Brooklyn Nets: Postgame Grades and Analysis for LA

Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace who?

The Los Angeles Lakers entered their game against the Brooklyn Nets short-handed and still managed to walk away with the win. 

After falling behind to Brooklyn early, Los Angeles came surging back in the second quarter to take a nine-point lead into the half.

The third quarter definitely wasn't as smooth for the Lakers, though. Certain someones (cough, Pau Gasol cough) appeared lethargic and passive on the offensive end, and Los Angeles allowed the Nets to fight back to take the lead.

Los Angeles battled back, however, taking a three-point lead into the fourth quarter.

Though both parties went back and forth for most of the final period, the Lakers took over in the waning minutes, securing their third straight road victory.

Did Kobe Bryant continue his reign as a distributional juggernaut? Is Earl-sanity still in full swing? Did Steve Nash's hair stay in place?

It wasn't the prettiest of sorts, but defense (yes, defense) helped sway the outcome in the Lakers' favor.

With a little bit of offense, of course.

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