LA Lakers Video: Watch Lakers Stars Join 50 Cent on the X Factor

There are some who think the Los Angeles Clippers have stolen the LA spotlight away from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Nonsense. The Clippers may have Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the whole "Lob City" thing going for them, but I don't recall seeing any Clippers perform with 50 Cent recently.

That's one area where the Lakers have them beat, as Derek Fisher and three other Lakers players scored a starring role alongside 50 Cent on the season finale of The X Factor on Thursday night.

If you missed it, feast your eyes on the above video clip. Prepare to be...

Well, a little underwhelmed, actually. It was cool to see Fisher introduce 50 Cent, and he did a fine job of it, but things kind of went downhill from there.

Joining 50 Cent on stage for a performance of "In Da Club" were Matt Barnes, Steve Blake and rookie Darius Morris. They exhibited some enthusiasm right off the bat, but then promptly retreated to couches and were denied screen time.

That was pretty much it. This performance goes into the books as a missed opportunity.

It would have been much cooler if Barnes, Blake and Morris had been allowed to do cool basketball tricks and snazzy dunks in the background. Perhaps Fisher could have pitched in by showing off his legendary flopping skills.

Instead, 50 Cent got all the attention. Him and some kid named Astro, who is a pretty big deal for people who are into The X Factor (i.e. everyone, apparently).

Oh, well. At least Barnes didn't shove 50 Cent to the ground and then start complaining about him being over-hyped.

Though, I wouldn't have argued with him if he did.


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