LA Lakers Ushering In Post-Kobe Era Isn’t as Easy as You Think

The Los Angeles Lakers will never replace Kobe Bryant. And once that nugget of truth becomes reality for legions of Lakers' fans, they will understand that ushering in the post-Kobe era isn't as easy as you think.

The Lakers are arguably the greatest franchise in NBA history, and despite their success, and the number of all-time greats who have graced their rosters, the team has always come before individuals.

In Kobe's case it's hard to differentiate between the player and the team. 

Kobe is the Lakers, and regardless of how you feel about him, Kobe's presence has defined the franchise for nearly two decades.

Consider that Kobe has worn the purple and gold longer than any other Laker great, and there are more than a few people who would agree that Bryant has represented those colors better than any other Laker in history.

In fact, the two greatest Lakers of all time feel that title should singularly go to Bryant.

Jerry West and Magic Johnson say Kobe is the greatest Laker of all time, and if their opinion is not enough, Bryant's biggest nemesis, Shaquille O'Neal, seconds their motion.

Love him or hate him, Kobe has helped maintain the bar that was set for him by the players mentioned above, and in the process he has also created a relationship with Lakers' fans that can never be re-produced.

Kobe is certainly one of the greatest players to ever dribble a ball, but through the years fans have also been able to see the human side of Bryant as well.

Bryant has struggled, failed, triumphed and persevered, and he has done it all as a Laker.

Of course there were moments of doubt on Bryant's side and that of the Lakers, but Kobe ultimately chose to carve his legacy in Los Angeles. And fans love him for it.

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