LA Lakers Trade Scenarios: 5 Players Kobe Bryant Would Approve of

The Lakers figure to be big players in the next two weeks leading up to the NBA trade deadline. Here we breakdown the men that Kobe Bryant would welcome.

Of course, we have them listed in how exuberant Bryant would be about the newly acquired talent. He will either be jumping for joy or rolling his eyes like he used to do when Luke Walton played for the team.

Oh, he plays for them still? That fact rather amazes me.

The Lakers are thin in a number of regards, namely at point guard and small forward. They could also use a great deal of depth on the bench.

The one thing they don’t need is a future hall of fame shooting guard, because Kobe has that on lockdown.

What he needs is a playmaker that can take this team to the next level. Here are a few players that are being rumored right now, and how they might be received by the Black Mamba.

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