LA Lakers Trade Rumors: Would Carmelo Anthony Make Them Champs in 2011?

Just when you think the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets are finally getting somewhere to end this potential Carmelo Anthony trade saga that is quickly becoming a soap opera, the Los Angeles Lakers fly in and create more drama.

Last week, the news broke that Ron Artest wanted to leave L.A., and he naturally refuted the reports.

The Lakers' reported desire for "youth" was brought on by themselves, but their financial situation will make it tough to deal before the deadline.

Now, with the Knicks reportedly working on a deal, rumors circulate that the Lakers are potentially willing to part ways with center Andrew Bynum and have discussed a potential trade with the Nuggets for Anthony that would work financially.

The Lakers may truly want to make such a move and so may the Nuggets, or Denver may be trying to drive up the price on the Knicks.

The question now is, would the Lakers would become the front-runner for the title with Carmelo Anthony in Los Angeles?

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