LA Lakers Trade Rumors: 10 Reasons the Charlotte Bobcats Should Avoid Ron Artest

LA Lakers Trade Rumors Could Send Ron Artest Out of LA

Less than a year after winning an NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers, Ron Artest could be getting the boot from Hollywood.

Last week ESPN's Marc Stein reported that Artest would welcome a trade out of LA, and ESPN's Ric Bucher confirmed that the Lakers contacted the Charlotte Bobcats about a potential trade that would involve either Gerald Wallace or Stephen Jackson.

Nothing came out of it, but a possible Artest-to-Charlotte trade appears to still be alive in some form or fashion.

The Bobcats may want to think twice about acquiring Artest, though.

Why? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Here are 10 reasons why the Bobcats should stay clear of Ron Artest.  

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