LA Lakers Trade Rumors: 10 Potential Deals That Could Bring Dwight Howard To LA

Two things may becoming clear in the NBA. The first is that with the way the Lakers roster is constructed they might not be able to win again this year, and they may be in trouble for the future. The other is that the Magic, with the way their roster is constructed might not be able to win this year, and they may be in trouble for the future.

That has to do with a couple of things: First, Kobe cannot do it by himself and he's missing that truly effective second banana to put him over the top; second, Dwight Howard needs a second banana himself. Gilbert Arenas is fine, but he's not winning the Magic an NBA title.

So where does that leave these two teams, and these two players? The most obvious choice is on a path together. If the Lakers could swing a deal to bring Howard to L.A, then you could be looking at Los Angeles as a powerhouse for another three or four years.

It might seem crazy but it's possible. In order to look at the possibility we have to establish two things: Dwight would gladly accept a trade to L.A and Kobe would gladly welcome Howard to Lala Land. With that being said we move to the ESPN Trade Machine. 

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