LA Lakers to Introduce New Alternate Black Jerseys for 2013-14 Season

The Los Angeles Lakers keep bringing in jersey changes, perhaps as a way to distract their fanbase from the lackluster nature of their roster. 

I kid, I kid, but only about the distraction part. There really are more new jerseys, as you can see in this video from the Lakers' official Instagram account: 

These should draw significantly better reviews than the sleeved jerseys that were announced by ESPN and broken down by B/R's Grant Hughes. While sleeves on basketball uniforms serve as a novelty item, these black jerseys are just undeniably sweet. 

You can see a mock-up of what the jerseys could potentially look like below, courtesy of, although the front will actually say "Lakers."  

If you're a Lakers fan and that brief video didn't get you excited, you might want to check and make sure you still have a pulse. The short glimpse of the black, purple and gold color scheme should be enough to get your heart racing in anticipation for the first time Kobe Bryant drops 30 in those threads.

Purple and gold works well. Perfectly, in fact.

Black, purple and gold exceeds perfection. Thanks to SLAM Magazine, we also have an old image of Kobe wearing some black threads, although they aren't the exact same ones that will be revealed later. 

There's no word yet on when "Hollywood Nights" will take place, but it's sure to be an exciting spectacle and will presumably come at a time when the Lakers are on a national broadcast. We can at least cross off a few dates thanks to ESPN: 

The [sleeved] jerseys will be white, the same color as the alternative uniforms the Lakers introduced for the 2002-03 season and traditionally wear on Sundays.

The Lakers will wear the white short-sleeve uniforms on Christmas Day and also when the league celebrates "Noche Latina" when...

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