LA Lakers: The 5 Potential Reasons for the Lakers’ Meltdown

The San Antonio Spurs, who led the NBA in wins for over three quarters of the regular season, have been ousted by a team whose franchise had not previously won a single playoff game in its history. 

The Boston Celtics, who had largely dominated the Miami Heat in three out of their four contests, succumbed to their Miami-based successors in a hard-fought, but surprisingly short-lived, five-game series.

Finally, the Los Angeles Lakers, winners of the last two straight NBA championships and the last three Western Conference titles, came apart at the seams due to “trust issues,” age and a complete and utter lack of intensity, and were swept by the Dallas Mavericks. 

The NBA universe has truly been turned upside down.

It is arguable that the Lakers’ exit was the most disappointing of all. While both the Celtics coach Doc Rivers and the Spurs coach Gregg Popovich have been involved in retirement rumors, as of now, both are expected to return next season.

However, if Lakers coach Phil Jackson is to be believed, we have seen him coach his final NBA game.

With Jackson gone, the Lakers are headed toward uncertain times. Perhaps this season was the beginning of their end.

What factors led to the Lakers’ anti-climactic collapse? What could have helped them send Jackson off with a more appropriate farewell?

Find out here.

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