LA Lakers Should Pull Plug on Failed Chris Kaman Experiment

During the offseason, Chris Kaman was brought in by the Los Angeles Lakers to try to fill the gaping hole left by Dwight Howard's departure to Houston. However, things haven't gone according to plan, and although it is disappointing to see Kaman underutilized, the signs were there from the beginning. 

Mike D'Antoni has always gone away from the traditional post-up in favor of increasing the tempo and running a guard-centric offense. As reported by Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles, D'Antoni believes the post-up is the least efficient means of scoring in basketball. This is why Howard struggled last season.

Although Howard and Pau Gasol were able to form a rapport and play efficiently toward the end of last season, it took a lot of adjustment using their supplementary skills to succeed. While Gasol had to rely more on his high-post game and his jumper, Howard had to use his physicality and size to get good positioning and force his way into the paint for easy baskets or second-chance opportunities.

Neither of them had a lot of opportunities playing with their backs to the basket.

Now, consider Kaman. Although Kaman possesses a slightly more refined back-to-the-basket game and a better mid-range jumper than Howard, he doesn't do anything else better than Superman. With Gasol as the resident high-post creator and D'Antoni's emphasis on doing everything except the traditional post-up, Kaman's skills don't fit in with the Lakers' offensive scheme.

With the Lakers averaging 99.3 points per game and allowing opponents to score 105.1 points per game, it is clear that D'Antoni's system has not been working on both ends of the court. Despite the team's struggles, D'Antoni continues to rely on a system that caters to less talented players like Jodie Meeks and Robert Sacre instead of proven commodities like Gasol and Kaman. 

Out of the 70 shots Kaman has taken from within eight feet ...

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