LA Lakers: Shannon Brown Has Star Qualities and a Role Player’s Game

Los Angeles Lakers' guard Shannon Brown is blessed with outstanding leaping ability, superior quickness, strength, athleticism, and he's rumored to be dating R&B songstress Monica as well.

Brown's cameo in Monica's latest music video suggests that he is living the life of a true NBA superstar, but so far Brown has been unable to translate his athletic talents to his game fully.

Make no mistake, Brown is definitely an important player for the Lakers, and he has thrilled fans with his aerial acrobatics, but could he play an even bigger role for the team?

Brown's 6'4 frame allows him to play either of the backcourt positions, but he doesn't handle the ball well enough to be considered a true point guard, and he lacks the instincts of a true shooting guard.

He has drawn the praise of Phil Jackson and the minutes that come along with it by playing tough defense against more physical guards, and playing with a high level of energy.

Brown actually has the tools to be a great defensive guard because of his strength and quickness, but he is lacking in fundamentals and defensive discipline.

For one, Brown's footwork is horrible, and although he is just as quick as most of the point guards in the league, he consistently gets beaten off the dribble because he has a tendency to cross his feet instead of sliding.

Brown is also guilty of blowing numerous assignments on defense, and he sometimes seems confused about the appropriate time to double team, or rotate out to the perimeter.

The latter instance was prevalent in the Lakers' six-game series victory over the Phoenix Suns, and it may have been the reason Jackson switched to Sasha Vujacic in Game Five.

But for all those flaws, Brown will only turn 25 in November, and he has plenty of time to make corrections in his game.

The Lakers didn't expect much from Brown when they acquired him from the ...

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