LA Lakers: Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum Should Both Be Up for Trade

In the early conversations after the Lakers semi-final exit against the Oklahoma City Thunder, it seems to be a given that Pau Gasol will be considered for possible trades. After all, had the NBA not interfered, he would have already been gone for Chris Paul (a move many believe would have kept the Lakers in the NBA playoffs, had it been allowed).

But what about Andrew Bynum? Should he be considered up for a possible trade? My answer is this: Please, God, yes, let the Lakers be open to trading Andrew Bynum.

I’m tired of the narratives I’ve heard for years about Andrew Bynum and the Lakers. The first narrative declared that if Andrew Bynum could just be healthy—watch out! After, the narrative became if Andrew Bynum could just get his focus, mind, and attitude right—watch out! And every time he played to his potential, media seemed to thrive on blaming Kobe Bryant for being too old or taking too many shots and if he’d just let the Bigs take over—watch out!

My response was always the same—Which Bigs?

The ones who are physically gifted enough to take over any game or the ones who only show up once in awhile?

Just this year, Andrew Bynum blamed a poor playoff performance on not preparing for the game. He said he wasn't ready. (For. The. Playoff. Game.)

Really? Who says that? And the worst part is it was probably the truth.

Andrew Bynum has spoken again, after the Lakers were bounced in the second round of the playoffs, saying that it doesn't really matter to him if he is traded.

And that is the problem with Andrew Bynum: He doesn’t always care.

You can argue that Kobe Bryant takes too many shots if you want. You can also point out that he is getting older and can’t do some of the things he used to do. But I challenge anyone to say that Kobe Bryant doesn’t care. I truly wonder if there is anything on th...

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