LA Lakers-Miami Heat: Adding a Little Truth To All the Speculation

As the war of words rages on between fans and media of the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, a little truth may be needed to counter the speculation that has run rampant since Miami landed their power trio.

Most Heat fans are irritated that Lakers' fans fail to acknowledge their status as true contenders for the NBA title, and in reality they have every right to feel this way.

It's hard to view a team including LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh as anything but contenders, and although nothing is guaranteed, it's a reasonable concept to place that trio among the league's elite.

Likewise, Lakers fans are irked because for some strange reason, some fans of the Miami Heat are of the opinion that NBA championships grow on trees, considering how easily the Lakers last two titles are devalued.

Some have gone as far to say that the Lakers' narrow victory over the Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals was due to Kendrick Perkins' knee injury and a great amount of luck, and in both cases they are right.

Luck is one of the components of a championship team along with experience, chemistry, sweat, blood, and tears.

It's so hard to win a championship that some stars go their entire careers without tasting one.

Of course Miami fans have visions of multiple NBA championships, and their superstar trio gives them hope for the future. But it will take a lot more than just taking the court in order for the Heat to earn one.

A championship journey for the Heat will take a total team effort, and despite stories to the contrary, Miami's roster is a lot stronger than observers have given them credit for.

Popular theory said the Heat would be forced to surround James, Wade, and Bosh with a group of lower tier players due to financial constraints, but what Pat Riley has assembled is impressive.

None of the players Riley has signed particularly stan...

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