LA Lakers Disaster Plan If Dwight Howard Bolts During 2013 Offseason

Dwight Howard’s pending free agency puts the Los Angeles Lakers in the unenviable position of needing a rebuilding plan if he leaves the franchise.

Multiple suitors will entice Howard, and someone other than the Lakers may be successful.

Should this occur, the Lakers must select from among a host of poor options and unpleasant-sounding alternatives to replace the elite talent they will have lost.

With Howard on another team, the Lakers have very few alternatives in the 2013 offseason. Indeed, despite his departure, the Purple and Gold will still be over the salary cap and flirting with luxury tax territory according to Hoopsworld’s salary summary.

Hence, they would have a mini mid-level exception estimated at roughly $1.59 million to sign a free agent. There are a couple of players that might be available at this price, although it’s quite likely they would have to take pay cuts.

Here’s a quick list:

Marco Belineli Daniel Gibson Anthony Morrow Dorell Wright Mickael Pietrus Randy Foye These players don’t necessary tip the balance of power into the Lakers’ favor, but the goal is to tread water in 2013-14. It should not come as a surprise when the Purple and Gold fail to go after big names in the 2013 summer, given their financial commitments.

Given the monetary constraints, there is a strong possibility the Lakers will not be able to re-sign Earl Clark. He was a productive player in 2012-13 and probably flashed enough potential for a team to pay a little over market value for his services.

Consequently, the Laker front office will need cheap players that can rebound and defend with both Howard and Clark gone. Jordan Hill will be the backup center and a good one at that.

Nonetheless, D’Antoni will require an additional big guy to help the team cope with fouls and injuries. The Lakers should take a look at the likes of Chr...

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