LA Lakers Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter Show They Belong on Roster


"I'm thankful for the opportunity and I'm just taking it one day at a time."-Derrick Caracter

"I feel great getting a chance to play for the world champs and coming in as a rookie hopefully I can learn from the veterans and work into the systems."-Devin Ebanks

These two players appear humbled by their opportunity with the Lakers' Organization.

After their performance they proved they belong on the 2010-2011 Laker Roster. Derrick Caracter dropped 20 (PTS), 10 (REBS), and had 2 (BLKS) and Devin Ebanks had 21 (PTS) while going an impressive 9-16 from the floor in a loss to the Detroit Pistons.

Though the Lakers lost, the Ebanks and Caracter won in the bigger picture, they grabbed the audiences attention and their performance will not be over looked.

This kind of performance was the ticket for both Ebanks and Caracter into an organization such as the Lakers, who were looking for a couple of guys to fill in the remaining spots on the team.

After watching these two players play, I could see that Ebanks didn't disapoint when people compared him to former Laker, Trevor Ariza. Ebanks could shoot from anywhere on the floor and he is athletic enough to create his own shot and finish at the bucket. Caracter on the other hand uses his big body frame to power his way into the hoop and his surprisingly good foot work allows him to be quick and powerful at the same time, he plays exactly like Celtics big man Glen Davis.

This is great news for the Lakers considering they will need a good bench as always to be successful in next years season. With the newly built Miami Heat team, the Lakers will need all the help they can get from role players such as Caracter and Ebanks. Because Morrison and Dj Dbenga are most likely done with the Lakers, there are two spots available for Ebanks and Caracter and it looks like they are taking full advantage of that.

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