LA Lakers: 5 Reasons Lake Show Is Team To Beat out West

Despite an ominous lack of buzz, the Lakers are the best team in the Western Conference. While basketball reasons may have denied this team landing Chris Paul, it left them a far better squad for this season. 

Fear not Laker fans, and fear wholeheartedly non-Laker fans, this team is in a prime position to make their fourth finals appearance in five years.




On the flip side of the Chris Paul trade falling through is the fact that the Lakers' unmatchable length remains intact.

There is not another team in the NBA that can match the Lakers up front. Andrew Bynum has developed into an elite big man. He showed the world what he was capable of in the postseason last year when he averaged 14.4 points and 9.6 rebounds per game when the Lakers needed him the most.

He has good feet, great hands, a solid shooting touch and he is capable of being a fine defensive performer. And opponents will not be able to double-team because of Pau Gasol at his side.

Gasol is one of the most skilled big men in the league. It is too much to ask of any defender to guard the tall Spaniard one-on-one, and with his solid passing skills that is what teams will have to do. Gasol is effective passing out of double-teams, and with the soft-handed Bynum waiting in the wings, centers cannot leave him. 

Gasol was miserable in the playoffs last year, but this will prove to be a road bump in his fine career. He is just 31 and age has not deteriorated his skills.

With Bynum and Gasol on the floor, the Lakers are capable of owning the boards and controlling the low post in half-court sets.


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