LA Lakers: 3 Reasons Kobe Bryant Deserves MVP Consideration

First off, let me make one thing crystal clear: Kobe Bryant is not going to win the 2013 NBA MVP, and it won't be anything egregious or conspiratorial.

The fact is the best player in the game right now is LeBron James. Anyone who says otherwise is not being objective.

However, what also has to be made clear is that at 34, Kobe Bryant is having his finest season in a decade. Yes, better than his gaudy 2006 season and his lone MVP season in 2008.

And despite all of the turmoil and drama the 2013 Lakers have provided the sports world, they remain in position to make a late push to the postseason. 

The bulk of that credit has to be given to Bryant.

Here are the three reasons why.

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