L.A. Lakers: Why Kobe Bryant Plus Monta Ellis Equals a Bad Idea

On paper the rumored trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors that would bring guard Monta Ellis to Hollywood looks great from a Lakers fan perspective, but is Ellis really the type of player that the Lakers need?

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding Ellis and the possibility that he might be traded and the latest deals with a rumored rift between Ellis and Warriors power forward David Lee.

CBSsports.com reported today that Ellis and Lee have never really gotten along since Lee was acquired from the New York Knicks, which doesn't look so good for Ellis since Lee and Warriors owner Joe Lacob supposedly have established a strong player/owner bond.

There does seem to be some truth behind the rumors since former Lakers great Jerry West accepted a position within the Warriors organization, and Golden State recently hired former NBA all-star point guard Mark Jackson to be their next coach.

Jackson is reportedly very fond of point guard Stephen Curry and is looking to build his new offensive attack behind Curry's substantial scoring ability, which would seem to make Ellis the odd Warrior out.

But that doesn't mean that the Lakers should be in such a hurry to throw their bid into the fray for Ellis' services if he does become available.

I am well aware that many Lakers fans are held in a trance at the thought of a backcourt that features Ellis and Lakers star Kobe Bryant, but those same fans should also consider the perils that could manifest in that union.

For one, has anyone considered the fact that both Ellis and Bryant play the same position?

Ellis has been called on to play the point guard position at times for the Warriors and he has filled in admirably when Curry has missed time due to injury, but it doesn't change the fact that he needs to dominate the ball in order to be effective.

And the five or six assists per ga...

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