L.A. Lakers: Why Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum Trade Needs to Happen Now

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a precarious position at this point, and the biggest solution to their early playoff exits in the past two seasons seems to be to trade Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol—or both.

Now, Pau Gasol getting traded will likely lead to a handful of good players coming back in return to give the Lakers depth and a greater number of options.

However, the trade scenario that has plagued the blogosphere over the past decade it seems has been any variation of Dwight Howard going to Los Angeles in exchange for Bynum.

Now, at various points in the past year there have been musings that the Lakers should trade both Bynum and Gasol for Howard, but realistically that leaves them with little wiggle room for the upcoming season, so any notion of that should be chucked out the window right now.

However, if the Lakers are smart they'll send a package offer down to Orlando with Andrew Bynum as the centerpiece in a trade for Dwight Howard—and they'll do it before the season starts.

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