L.A. Lakers Trade Rumors: Is Carmelo Anthony’s Scoring Worth Pau Gasol?

With each loss by the Los Angeles Lakers, the chorus of fans clamoring for a roster change grows louder, and to this point most people have viewed forward Ron Artest as the most likely candidate to be spirited away.

General manger Mitch Kupchak has alluded that he would possibly seek a trade before the NBA's deadline, but is it possible that he would take a chance and strike deep within the roster's core?

It is generally accepted that Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant are the two Lakers who would be immune to any roster changes, but has Gasol's recent uneven play created an atmosphere that would provoke Kupchak to take a long, hard look at dealing him?

Would Kupchak's interest be heightened if the return for Gasol was disgruntled Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony?

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It is highly unlikely that Anthony will accept Denver's contract extension and remain in Colorado, and even though New York has been viewed as his most likely destination, nothing has been written in stone.

No other team could offer the Nuggets a player of Gasol's caliber, and he would immediately add legitimacy to a Denver team that has been searching for an interior identity.

But there are numerous factors to consider in the Lakers' case, and the negatives in a deal for Anthony could outweigh the positives.

Anthony's 24 ppg average is six points higher than Gasol's, but he shoots for a lower percentage and grabs fewer rebounds.

Gasol, along with Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, also gives the Lakers a distinct size advantage in the interior that few teams could match, and it's not idle size considering the skill level of all three players.

Gasol is also a much better passer than Anthony, and his versatility makes him an ideal fit for Phil Jackson's triangle offense.

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