L.A. Lakers: The Mindset of Pau Gasol in the NBA Playoffs 2011

April marked the beginning of the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

Pau Gasol, and the rest of the Lakers, did not seem to think so. After Game 2 against the New Orleans Hornets, basketball fans around the globe were left wondering: What is going on in the mind of Paul Gasol?

Gasol was not injured, nor had he made an attempt to justify his lackluster performance in the first two games of the series. Lakers fans and analysts alike were left puzzled, and most believed that it was only a matter of time before he "snapped out of it."

Well, it's nine games into the postseason, and he has not snapped out of it.

Many were left wondering what exactly was going on in the mind of Pau Gasol. If he is not playing through injury, and not dissatisfied with Kobe Bryant or Phil Jackson, then what is it?

Many basketball fans, including myself, were perplexed.

Before Friday night's Game 3 at Dallas, ESPN's Colin Cowherd reported over the airwaves that Gasol's recent struggles may be related to his recent breakup with longtime girlfriend and fiancée, Silvia Lopez.

It gets worse.

Cowherd reported that MediaTakeout.com stated that not only was Gasol dumped by his fiancée, but that he blamed the break-up on an undisclosed teammate.

The website reported that he and an unnamed teammate became aggressive toward one another, taking shots at each others' ladies. It is not too far-fetched to assume that this transpired to on-court difficulties.

This source maintains that Silvia, Pau's fiancée, did not have many friends and became dangerously close with the wife of another Laker. Shortly after following her newfound friendship, Silvia broke up with Gasol, and Pau blamed the break-up on the teammate and his wife.

So Pau split up with his fiancée; does that excuse his horrendous play and lack of focus?


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