L.A. Lakers: Sasha Vujacic’s Concussion Adds To Lakers’ Injury Woes

Add Sasha Vujacic's name to the list of early injuries that has the Los Angeles Lakers looking more like a hospital ward, rather than the defending NBA champions.

Vujacic was struck in the head by an accidental elbow from Lamar Odom, and his indefinite return makes the regular season opener against the Houston Rockets even more of a mystery.

At least we know injured center Andrew Bynum will not return until at least December.

No one really has any idea whether or not Kobe Bryant will be available for the Oct. 26th season opener, and if his knee has improved from the previous 60 percent diagnosis, neither Bryant nor coach Phil Jackson seems inclined to say.

The fact that concussions are tricky injuries and have garnered so much publicity lately, the Lakers will probably be very careful with Vujacic, which is definitely the right thing to do.

The Lakers have a little less than two weeks before the season starts, and if Vujacic is unable to play, then Shannon Brown will likely see a heavy dose of minutes.

Bryant, Brown and Vujacic are the only shooting guards on the Lakers roster, and any fill-in help would likely come from the combination of Steve Blake, Matt Barnes and rookie Devin Ebanks.

Blake can play the shooting guard position, but the Lakers need him to focus his concentration on learning the point guard spot, because therein lies the majority of his responsibility.

Barnes can also provide some relief in the absence of Vujacic and Brown, but it's highly doubtful any of them can come close to replicating Bryant's offensive production.

Ebanks can play spot duty, but it's unlikely Jackson will take a chance on the rookie, despite the favorable circumstances caused by the rash of injuries.

At times Jackson's attitude towards rookies is stubborn and irrational, but considering he has won 11 NBA championships, there is little room to question his mo...

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