L.A. Lakers: Passing on Dwight Howard for a Point Guard Is a Foolish Idea

Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum will never be an elite NBA player.

That needed to be said for those of us who have been fooled by Bynum's flashes of potential, which would seem to indicate that he could soon assume his place among the Lakers' great centers of the past.

I have always liked Bynum and I still do, but the specter of injury that looms over his career is much larger than any chance he may have to reach NBA stardom.

And what's really sad is that in today's NBA it really doesn't take much to be an elite center, since the talent pool at the position is dreadfully thin.

Some observers who follow the Lakers use that logic when offering the opinion that the Lakers should concentrate on their area of most pressing concern, which is the point guard position, instead of worrying about Bynum's future in L.A.

I can understand this sentiment, because after all Bynum did help lead the Lakers to back-to-back NBA championships in 2009-10, and his performance in the 2010 NBA Finals most likely endeared him to legions of purple and gold fans.

So I see the logic when it comes to the Lakers focusing their attention on the lead guard position since it's obviously the weakest part of the team, but for me all that logic goes out the window if Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard's name comes up.

Talking heads and writers like myself love to pontificate on how Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak should take a measured approach to repairing the Lakers, and the most sane, analytical and logical way to do that would be by signing a competent point guard.

That may be a rational way of looking at things, but in my case I'm not being very honest, because deep down I feel the Lakers would be crazy if they had an opportunity to acquire Howard and passed on him.

And that should be true under almost any circumstances.

Since George Mikan the Lakers franchise has seeming...

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