L.A. Lakers Need Kobe Bryant’s ‘No Excuses’ Approach to Catch on with Team

The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled all season long, and star guard Kobe Bryant is the only player who has been a lock for consistent production. In an interview with David Leon Moore of USA Today, Bryant talked about everything from his fear of bees to his new defensive attitude.

However, the words that stood out the most were those Bryant said of how his team can start improving this season. Using some...well...odd phrasing, the five-time champion was candid in what had to be done.

"The important thing is that your teammates have to know you're pulling for them and you really want them to be successful. And I'm trying to instill in them some of the DNA qualities that I have – being extremely stubborn, being extremely competitive, and getting the job done by any means necessary. No excuses. No poor me. No none of that. It just has to get done."

Though "DNA qualities" may not be the best choice of words, Bryant could not be more right. Except for him and center Dwight Howard, the rest of his teammates have not been playing with the competitive bite of which he speaks. Yes, Howard has only recently gone into beast mode, averaging 22 points, 15.3 rebounds and two blocks since returning from injury, but the fact that he went out and played hard regardless of his health is a testament to his commitment to succeeding this year.

The fact is that the Lakers need to fully embrace Bryant's words. This is a team with so much history, and just two-plus seasons removed from a championship. Granted, the roster now is far different than it was then, but the key players in Bryant, Metta World Peace and Pau Gasol are all still there.

The core players know how to win together, and it's time for them to adapt to head coach Mike D'Antoni's system and, as Bryant so eloquently put it, stop making excuses.

The most guilty party in terms of excuses would be Gasol. He is having the worst season of his car...

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