L.A. Lakers-Miami Heat: Finals Series Will Be Great, If Heat Can Make It

For the past two seasons, NBA fans have eagerly awaited a Finals matchup between Kobe Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers, and each year it has failed to materialize.

The 2010-11 NBA season will be filled with the same type of anticipation of a James and Bryant showdown in the Finals, except this time James is expected to bring dinner guests.

The Miami Heat's ability to land James and Chris Bosh in free agency to pair alongside Dwyane Wade has instantly made Miami the favorite to meet the Lakers in the 2011 NBA Finals.

A Lakers-Heat Finals would arguably be the most viewed series in the history of the NBA, not to mention the realization of a dream for commissioner David Stern.

It would come with all the hype, glitter, and manufactured drama anyone can ever hope for, but before we start preparing for bi-coastal war, shouldn't Miami get a chance to prove they are worthy of the praise?

This is the point where Heat fans will chalk this up as another example of a writer hating on their team, or doubting their ability to excel despite the drama surrounding them.

Well, they would be partly correct.

I'm not hating on the Heat, and any person would be crazy not to recognize the potential of a team that includes two of the top three players in the game today, but they still have yet to play a game.

Miami could end up being the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread was introduced, but what evidence of this do we have beyond their individual talents, and the fact they enjoy each other's company?

Some people like to point to the 2008 Olympics as proof of the super trio's potential chemistry, but those same people often tend to leave out the "other" significant player that helped make the 2008 Olympics successful.

Bryant was the designated defensive stopper of that team, and it was Bryant's heroics in the title game against S...

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