L.A. Lakers’ Metta World Peace Shows off Drained Knee Fluid

Injuries are an unfortunate, but inevitable reality in the professional sports realm.

There's a reason that most passionate fans have, or think they have, a semi-working knowledge of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL if you're lost already) or the potential pitfalls of a bout with plantar fasciitis.

Rehab processes are no different. Save for a miraculous Adrian Peterson recovery every now and again, fans can usually block off a rough period of time when hearing their favorite player has suffered a fill-in-the-blank ailment.

But part of the beauty of limiting our involvement with injuries to the TV or computer screen—we deserve something for helping to pay those salaries, right?—is that we're spared most of the gruesome, painful details.

Well, not anymore.

Metta World Peace opened the door, even though no one was knocking, and granted all of his Twitter followers with an up-close view of the results of his latest procedure:

My knee is in really good shape . The last two games this Bakers Cyst was tough to play with. Just drained it. Whoa! twitter.com/MettaWorldPeac…

— Metta World Peace (@MettaWorldPeace) April 26, 2013 Truth be told, this is probably a better alternative than getting a glimpse of the cyst before it was removed. Although I, for one, wouldn't have felt the least bit slighted with no glimpses at all.

It's easy to chalk this up as another World Peace head scratcher, but this isn't the first time we've seen something like this from a Los Angeles Lakers player this season.

Kobe Bryant, before a torn Achilles stunted his season, tweeted this lovely pic of the aftereffects of landing on the foot of Atlanta Hawks guard Dahntay Jones:

17yrs. Countless fades. This has happened TWICE. Jalen and Now Ankle still very swollen. Treatment all day #focus twitter.com/kobebryant/sta…

— Kobe Bryant (@kobebryan...

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