L.A. Lakers: Is Shannon Brown Ready to Walk a Few Steps in Kobe Bryant’s Shoes?

A few months ago, Los Angeles Lakers' guard Shannon Brown, was unsure if his playing future would be continued in Hollywood.

But, due to Kobe Bryant's knee injury, Brown may be the team's most important perimeter player.

What a difference a few months make.

Bryant has made obvious strides in rehabilitating his injured knee, but it's also clear that he is nowhere near 100 percent.

In two recent preseason games against Utah, Bryant looked mobile enough. I'm sure he could begin the regular season on Oct. 26th if necessary, but why take the risk?

The Lakers' depth has been compromised by injuries to Bryant, Andrew Bynum and Sasha Vujacic, but the team is still talented enough to weather those storms; especially if Brown is able to rise to the occasion.

Brown has always been a fan favorite, and his energy and athleticism are impressive. But so far, he has yet to demonstrate that he is capable of manning the shooting guard position for a sustained period of time.

To be honest, Bryant's ability to stay healthy hasn't afforded Brown many opportunities. But when he has had the chance, his performances have been uneven.

Fans remember Brown's 27-point outburst while Bryant was sidelined last season, but that was really the only highlight in a two-week period where Brown was featured as the Lakers' starting shooting guard.

That performance proves that Brown has the ability to score points in bunches, but can he do it in a consistent manner?

Talent has never been Brown's issue. He has superstar qualities, if not potential.

But molding everything together and grasping the Lakers' schemes has been a different issue entirely.

Assistant coach Jim Cleammons has stressed the importance of Brown catching the ball, setting his feet and releasing a shot, as opposed to putting the ball on the floor and attacking th...

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