L.A. Lakers Hit Four-Game Losing Streak, But No Need To Panic

On Wednesday night, the Lakers lost their fourth consecutive game. Along with the general frustration of losing four games in a row, the loss had a little more significance than others. For the first time since acquiring Pau Gasol in 2008, the Lakers have lost four games in a row.

In the four losses, the Lakers offense has looked stagnant, and the opposition has consistently made bigger plays down the stretch in ballgames. To this point, reactions seemed mixed towards the current losing streak.

Some fans are ready to announce a crisis, while others seem carefree, waiting for the return of Andrew Bynum. For fans in crisis mode, remember the season is long, and the odds of the Lakers struggling like this again this season are slim.

There is no way to guarantee if the Lakers will go as long without losing four games in a row again. However, it is safer to assume the team will not do it twice in one season.

Therefore, Lakers fans have no reason to go reaching for their panic button. Some would say the Lakers were due for a losing streak, like they are on right now. Most teams would kill to go as long as the Lakers did without losing four straight games.

With that being said, if we had to pick a better time for the Lakers to struggle, wouldn't it be now? After all, an extended losing streak is easier to tolerate during the cool nights of December instead of the warm days of April.

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