L.A. Lakers Fans’ 4 Stages of Mike Brown

Subject: The Response of a Los Angeles Lakers Fan to the Replacement of Phil Jackson, the Most Successful and Entertaining Coach in NBA History, with Mike Brown—Yeah, Mike Brown from the Cavaliers

Author: Travis Hunter with Dr. Baloncesto Puro


The Los Angeles Lakers fan, upon learning that Phil Jackson (player, coach, possessor of 13 NBA championship rings, Zen Master, warrior poet, teacher, hilarious disdainer of in-game interviews, fisherman, traveling skewerer of “cow towns” and “backwaters,” non-caller of timeouts), will be replaced by Mike Brown—yeah, LeBron’s old coach, Mike Brown—enters into a very distinct and dynamic cycle of dealing with said replacement.

The Laker fan first experiences surprise and confusion, then disapproval and anger, then acceptance and understanding. These first stages pass rapidly, before the Laker fan cycles back to recognize the many genuine reasons to be excited about the coming Mike Brown era.

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