L.A. Lakers, David Stern, Joey Crawford, NBA Lawyer/execs Win Big

The L.A. Lakers are the NBA Champions!!!

Somewhere, David Stern and Adam Silver, along with with other lawyers/NBA execs who only care about the NBA because of the money, are having a drink together while laughing evilly.

NBA refs everywhere breathe a sigh of relief as they have helped to deliver Stern and his associates their desired result. For a little while it looked like their efforts wouldn't work out because the Lakers couldn't get anything going offensively. Those twenty-one fourth quarter free throws resolved that though.

The most popular team in the league has just won, in a game seven situation, after the league got it's favorite matchup. The ratings were good, that's all that matters, right?

Sure the Celtics are disappointed, but if they talk to the Blazers of 2000, the Kings of 2002, or several other teams, they will get some sympathy.

Maybe some small-market teams' fans are getting upset, but soon the NBA will be global and probably won't need those small-market teams when they have teams in Paris, London, Beijing, Tehran, etc. if the NBA executives get what they want.

Maybe Stern and that type are good at achieving high ratings. I guess if we follow the NBA because we want to help Stern and his other NBA/lawyer buddies buy more expensive planes, cars, and mansions, then that's fine. I personally would rather see some people who actually care about the game get in there. Maybe we could get people who have long been involved in the game to run the NBA and send Stern and Silver back to chasing ambulances.

I know LA fans might not like this, but they should agree with me. They have had some great teams, they shouldn't need the league to bail them out.

Lately, I have been wanting to watch a sport that is less rigged than the NBA. Like WWE.

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