L.A. Lakers and New Orleans Hornets: A Tale of the NBA’s 2 Unbeaten Kings

The NBA’s 2010-11 season is fulfilling its promises exactly as advertised…and it’s been full of thrills and spills.  It has been by far the most interesting and awe-inspiring season since Michael Jordan dressed for the Chicago Bulls, possibly more so if only because of the off-court antics. 

From the moment LeBron James made his infamous decision in July, we have been kept on our toes and the excitement shows no signs of dissipating.  This is particularly true for the fans of the only two remaining unbeaten teams in the league: the L.A. Lakers and the New Orleans Hornets.

At first, the expectations of each of these two teams were completely opposite and without parallel.  The Hornets were supposed to be in a rebuilding year, where the pain and the misery of a losing season appeared unavoidable.  The Lakers on the other hand were supposed to have a dominating year, where the power and the glory of a winning season appeared equally unavoidable.

These two different teams followed two dissimilar paths but continue to share two similar unbeaten records.  It’s the Lakers’ Goliath compared with the Hornets’ David.

The Hornets faced the uncertainty of Chris Paul and the seriousness of his trade demand last summer.  It may not be far reaching to claim that if the face of the Hornets franchise walked, the franchise itself would have tanked.  But that did not happen, and Paul is playing with an astonishingly tenacious commitment that has been a relief to many fans in the Big Easy.

CP3, as unbelievably talented as he is, could not have pulled this rabbit out of the hat all by himself.  He had some ingenious help from two rookies, of all people. 

Rookie GM Dell Demps has done a phenomenal job in rebuilding a team that resembled a rusted and gutted Ford Model-T.  He had brought so many spare parts to New Orle...

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