L.A. Lakers: A 3-Way Trade Could Help Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose to 2012 Finals

Derrick Rose, the current 2011 NBA MVP, and Kobe Bryant, a five-time NBA champion, were unable to lead their respective teams, the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers, to the Finals this year for various reasons, but perhaps the biggest factor was health and fatigue.

Rose had carried the Bulls the entire season, and with a strong Miami Heat defense, he could not bear the load alone. For Kobe Bryant, three straight Finals appearances, a bad knee and team chemistry issues allowed the Dallas Mavericks to sweep the Lakers as they shot lights out from three-point land. The New Jersey Nets were not a playoff team this year, despite the splash that new owner Mikhail Prokhorov made. They simply didn't win games and did not put fans in the seats.

The Bulls need a second option that can score, the Nets need to get a winning combination that can put fans in the seats, and the Lakers need some speedy legs and outside shooting.

A three-way trade between the Bulls, Nets and Lakers can be the solution to all three of the teams' problems. It is rumored that the Bulls are looking to trade Carlos Boozer, and this may be an opportunity for the Lakers to snag a shooter and some speed and familiarity. For the Nets, it gives them a chance to win some games and get some attention and a winning roster before the eventual move to Brooklyn.

Here is the NBA Trade Machine link for those that like to see the numbers crunched.

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