Kobe’s 10 Worst and 10 Best Finals Performances

Facing a team like Boston without Shaq may lead to yet more bad finals games for Kobe. The more you look into it, Kobe's bad finals performances are somehow overlooked, and more common than people think. Put it this way, after this article you will never compare him to MJ again. 

In his career so far, Kobe has played in 30 finals games. In his finals career, Kobe has averaged 24.6 points on .414 percent shooting from the field and .314 percent from three-point range. His regular season career averages are higher with 25.5 points, 45.5 percent shooting and 33.3 percent from three-range.

What were Kobe’s 10 worst and 10 best finals performances?

Worst Individual Finals Performances by Kobe Bryant

No. 10

In game two of the 2000 Finals vs. Indiana, Kobe only scored TWO POINTS, and this is only his 10th worst finals game!

He took three shots and only made one, and he missed a three point attempt too. He was only played nine minutes because he hurt his ankle in the first quarter, but the Lakers, thanks to Shaq, won anyway.

In contrast, Michael Jordan never once scored under 20 points in any of his finals games, and never lost a series.

No. 9

In game one vs. Boston in 2008 Kobe did score 24 points, but it was on nine of 26 shooting, missing all three three-pointers he attempted. He had three rebounds and one steal also, but Boston won and eventually took the series.

No. 8

In the first game of the 2002 finals Kobe scored 22 points on six of 16 shooting and missing both threes he took. He also had four turnovers, but once again, Shaq had an awesome game and the Lakers beat the Nets.

No. 7   

In his first ever Finals appearance in game one of 2000, the Lakers beat the Pacers definitively. Kobe was rather shaky though. He played 38 minutes and took only 13 shots. He made six of them. Bryant missed...

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