Kobe/Artest, Jordan/Rodman: Parallels of Heroes and Villains

Watching the 2010 NBA Finals, deja vu is only the beginning. Parallels between the current Phil Jackson successes and a past dynasty are overwhelming. The NBA of the 1990s was marked by a catalyst known as the Chicago Bulls, a team led by a walking legend, in the form of Michael Jordan. However, a supporting cast of conspirators, confidants, and a villain seem to have reprized their roles in the next decade, reincarnated in purple and gold. On the surface, it appears as a basic strategy. However, this formula for success is much deeper than meets the eye. Phil Jackson is widely regarded as one of the best coaches of all time, and rightfully so. But what if he owes his success not to his play-calling abilities, but to the knowledge of a formula brewed years ago? Maybe this philosophy thing is for real... Begin Slideshow


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