Kobe vs. LeBron; Are You Serious?

When asked of the comparison between he and LeBron James a while back, "Are you serious?" was the response Kobe offered back. He sounded as if he was offended. He sounded as if he thought, "How dare these guys compare this kid to a man that has won all of these titles, scored 81 in a game, and hit big shots."

Then it gets worse. Jerry West goes on to say, "LeBron has passed Kobe to be the best player in the world." Even Magic has said so recently and they are Lakers! Many LeBron fans will use that in the argument but it is that simple. The Lakers legends know how Kobe thinks. That was simple code talk for: you better win the championship this year if you want to call yourself the best player in this league. Notice that it's always around the end of the regular season or going into the playoffs that we hear this from the Lakers legends. Michael Jordan, the basketball legend of all legends was caught on video telling a crowd of kids that Kobe is the better player. West and Magic really know what's going on too.

James fans will cry out, "He won back-to-back MVPs." Yes he did, but that award is very political. Plus MVP and best player are two different things. Steve Nash won it back-to-back years and he was nowhere near the best player in the league in his entire career. You have to question those MVPs when Kobe was scoring 40 or more 10 straight games and 81 in a game. You really have to question those MVPs when Nash is a liability on defense. We all know the kind of D Kobe plays.

I can hear the James fans now saying, "But he outplayed Kobe this season; look at the numbers." That's true, but you better out-play a man that has two broken fingers on his shooting hand, sprained ankle, and a badly swollen knee. Kobe still averaged 27 a game!

LeBron showed me what he was made of (or what he wasn't made of) when he had a little elbow bruise. He makes his first free throw then shoots the next one left handed as if he had jus...

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