Kobe Still On Top: Power Ranking The NBA’s Top 10 Shooting Guards

So, this is my second article in as many days discussing and ranking the top players at each position. 

Today's position is the shooting guard spot.

The shooting guard spot is one of the most important positions, because the shooting guards are the ones that do the vast majority of the scoring for their respected teams, and if your team does have a talented scoring shooting guard, you could be in trouble. 

So here is a list of the top ten shooting guards in the NBA.


Ones to Watch For Next Season

Marcus Thornton: New Orleans Hornets

Thornton is a pure shooter and scorer coming form the guard position. He possesses a lot of fancy one-on-one moves that allow him to blow by defenders with ease, and leave them in his tracks.

He is a great shooter and has unlimited range, he is really just a pure scorer and has an act for scoring at will.


James Harden: Oklahoma City Thunder

Harden is a crafty left-hander who can flat-out score. He is a great attacking wing player, and is always in the scoring type mentality. He is a good three-point shooter, and if you leave him open, it is almost sure to be an easy three.

Harden does have the ability to create for himself and his teammates. As next year comes along, he will get a substantial increase in playing time, which will allow him to more showcase his talents.

Overall Harden is an NBA ready offensive player, but he does need to pick things up on the defensive side. He is not quick enough to guard shooting guards, but not strong enough to guard small forwards. 


J.R. Smith: Denver Nuggets

Smith is a sharp-shooting, attacking, hard-nosed player. He can light it up on the defensive side of things, but then come down the floor and just launch away at threes.

He never has ...

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