Kobe Near Jordan In Career Games Played: Including Playoffs

    After the game three win vs. Boston in the 2010 Finals Kobe has now played in 1,215 career games, when you add regular season plus playoffs. This is the best and most definitive time to compare his numbers vs Michael Jordan's, who played in a reg. seas. plus playoff total of 1,251 NBA games. 

     So, you think Kobe is close to MJ just because he might or might not win a fifth ring? You are so wrong.

     Kobe is only 36 games away from tying Jordan in total NBA games played. So let us compare their total (regular season PLUS playoff) numbers and their averages. Kobe may be on his way to five titles. Yet, he always seems to be one step behind MJ and is many, many percentage points behind too.

     Minutes  - In his total career Jordan totaled 48,484 minutes played for a 38.8 career average. 

     -In his total career Bryant totaled 45,005 minutes played for a 37.04 career average. 

     Edge - Jordan - Kobe has played 7.2% less minutes as Jordan did total, and 4.4% less per game. 

     Field Goals Made - In his total career Jordan hit 14,380 field goals for an 11.5 career average per game. Kobe hit 10,733 field goals for an average of 8.8 per game over his career.

     Edge - Jordan - Kobe has made 25.4% less total field goals as Jordan in his career, and 23.2% less per game. 

     Field Goals Attempted - In his total career Jordan took 29,034 (23.2 per game) shots from the field and Kobe is at 23,651 (19.5 per game).

     Edge - Jordan - Kobe has taken 18.5% less total shots than Jordan and taken 16.1% less shots per game.

     Field Goal Percentage - Jordan total career - 50%, Kobe total career - 45%.

Edge - Jordan - everyone can plainly s...

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