Kobe Bryant’s Worst Shooting Night Ever Brings Lakers’ Woes to New Lows

Earlier this week, the iconic Kobe Bryant surpassed John Havlicek to become the NBA's all-time leader in missed field-goal attempts.

Friday night, he tightened his hold on that record in a big way.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the reigning champion San Antonio Spurs by a final score of 93-80, suggesting that defense may not be the only reason head coach Byron Scott's club has gotten off to a disappointing 1-8 start. When this team needed Bryant to carry it like he has so many times before, he instead turned in the worst shooting performance of his career.

The 36-year-old shooting guard made just 1-of-14 shots, a 7.1 percent mark that trumps a 1998 1-of-10 outing as his most futile from the field. Technically, Bryant has made no shots on a handful of occasions, but never after attempting at least 10 shots.

Bryant didn't make his first field-goal attempt until early in the fourth period, missing his first 10 tries while trying to impact the game in other ways—like tallying six assists and two blocks. He finished the game with just nine points (seven of which came from the free-throw line) and four turnovers.

Though the defense from Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard was a reason for his struggles, Bryant's health might have been the biggest contributing factor.  

"He wasn't feeling too well," Scott told reporters after the game. "Nothing physically as far as a knee or Achilles, but he's not feeling well." 

Bryant himself cited illness as well.

"I don't feel too good, but I'm used to playing through that," he told reporters after the game. "It's just tough, man. Tonight was one of those nights that make me really remember the challenge of being 36 [years old] and being 19 years in, and the body just won't respond. You're sick, and you used to be able to fight through those things. It just helps me remember exactly what I'...

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