Kobe Bryant’s Top 10 Clutch Shots

Larry Bird. Reggie Miller. Michael Jordan. Robert Horry. Some players just have a knack for knocking down clutch shots. They are able to put the pressure of the situation aside and make the end-game plays that change games. These clutch shots are what legends are made of. Larry Bird telling the opposing team where he plans on hitting the game-winner, then making good on the promise. Reggie Miller scoring eight points in nine seconds to defeat the New York Knicks. Michael Jordan ending his Bulls career with a shot over Byron Russell. Kobe Bryant has the gift. He is among the few players in sports who is capable of making critical plays when the game is on the line. Everyone knows he'll be the shooter at the end of games. Doesn't matter. Makes it anyway. These are the 10 greatest clutch baskets in the career of Kobe Bryant. Begin Slideshow


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