Kobe Bryant’s New Deal Ends Any LeBron James Fantasy For Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant has signed a three-year, $90 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. It will ensure his tenure ends with the same team it began with, and it should put to rest any talk of LeBron James coming out west.

Some Laker fans have been guilty of romanticizing about James as the next great player in the history of the storied franchise, and even possibly sharing the court with Bryant for a few historical seasons.

It's nothing more than speculation, far-fetched at that, and in many ways I can't be happier, because although I recognize James' status as a superior player, I doubt his personality and aspirations are in line with the Lakers'.

Don't get me wrong, the franchise has had a litany of stars like Magic Johnson, Jerry West, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and all of them were larger than life, but smaller than the team.

James is larger than the whole state of Ohio, and the fact he was born there means his already dominant personality and skill-set has captured the region's imagination, and lifted him to God-like status.

He has already attained the position as the greatest player in Cleveland Cavaliers' history, but if James were to come to Los Angeles he would be the low man on the totem pole.

The Laker franchise is used to excellence, and after 15 NBA championships and only two absences from the postseason, you have to earn their trust. Would James' personality keep him beneath the team?

I'm not so sure that would work. James is a magnificent talent, but he yearns for the glare of the spotlight, and that's okay in Los Angeles, as long as you remember the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back.

New York, however, would be the perfect fit if James wishes to leave Cleveland and establish his kingdom elsewhere, because it is the largest city in America, and LeBron would immediately ascend to New York Knicks' royalty.

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