Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers: Perhaps the Best Team in the Past Decade

So I was kickin last night on the sofa in my Gilbert Arenas Jersey, T-Wolves Hat, and a pair of T-Mac Sneakers while sippin on some chocolate milk.

As I was doing so, my mind slipped into what I call "Sports Mode"—The stage where I could be scorching my hand on the stove, pretending to listen to a friend, or eating a good meal and yet still none of it would matter. Nothing interferes. "Sports mode" is the time where I am completely and totally submersed and absorbed in another dimension (okay, that sounded way nerdy, but you get my point).


Anyways, on this certain episode of "Mitch's Sports Mode" my mind was contemplating the NBA finals. Not a particular finals, but the finals in general, and what we could expect in the future.


LeBron James recently announced that he would be joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat. I can't help but think about the future of the finals and naturally assume that the Heat will be apart of it. And then, of course, the Lakers always seem to find their way there in the end.


However, at length I came to the conclusion that we need someone else competing in the finals. Someone who wants a championship more than anything else in the whole world.


Then it hit me.


There isn't anyone else. In all honesty, Kobe Bryant still wants a championship more that anyone out there. Who is starving for a title more than Bryant? There is simply no one. He is the best and perhaps most complete player in today's game...hands down.

He has a gorgeous jumper (unlike LeBron), he is amazingly clutch (unlike LeBron), and he is one of the best defenders in the league. He can shoot from anywhere whether he is being double-teamed or triple-teamed.

Kobe has it all. He is versatile, highly motivated, and aggressive (all unlike LeBron). Kobe just went for his fifth rin...

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