Kobe Bryant’s Legacy in the NBA Has Already Been Defined

Kobe Bryant’s legacy in the NBA has already been defined, and winning a fifth championship with the Los Angeles Lakers will only change the minds of a few of his detractors, but not many.

Bryant can receive five straight MVP awards, win six NBA titles, and still be labeled public enemy No. 1.

Over the years, Bryant has been criticized, ram shackled, and forced to keep his image secluded. Bryant’s on-court heroics haven’t been questioned as much as his personal life.

“I don’t like his personality. He’s a cocky individual,” said a Boston fan.

Shouldn’t the best player in the league have a “cocky” demeanor when playing the sport he loves?

Prior to his 2003 sexual assault case, he was considered the heir apparent to Michael Jordan. Then a bad night in Colorado, and a few questionable words, has turned the 31-year-old shooting guard into a moving magnet for criticism.

What’s a great talent without adversity? The best player in the league, that's who.

He will continue to prove his worth, whether he wins his fifth championship, or falls to the Boston Celtics.

He will surpass Laker legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring record in the next five years if he continues to play at a high level.

And then maybe, Bryant's “haters” will finally admit their long lasting appreciation for him.

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