Kobe Bryant’s Divorce Featured in Drake’s “Stay Schemin” Lyrics

Kobe Bryant’s divorce is officially a punch line.

"Stay schemin," a song off of Rick Ross’ new mix tape that features Drake and French Montana, is a diss to the rapper Common, but somehow Kobe found his way onto the track. Drake didn't mention Bryant’s Lakers or the torn ligament in his wrist, but his divorce.

David Brickley at SportstalkNetwork.com gives us the lyrics as the Young Money artist rapped: “Kobe about to lose one hundred and fifty M’s [Million}, Kobe My N—- hate it to have to be him, B—- you wasn’t with me shootin in the gym.”

Here is the song’s official music video.

NSFW: Hide your kids, hide your wife because the lyrics are explicit.  I warned you.Just throwing this out there, Drake isn’t exactly known for being what they call a lyricist; that’s kind of why Common dissed him in the first place—for singing too much. But anyway, RapGenius.com explains the second line saying: “Kobe’s girl does not deserve any money because she did not do anything to get it. Kobe was the one in the gym practicing basketball shots.”

Drake is right; it may be the last time you hear me say those three words. 

Despite Vanessa being the one who got cheated on, she is straight committing thievery in this divorce.  Bryant didn’t sign a prenup so she is going to rob him of, as Drake would say, 50 M’s, if not more.

At least the divorce isn’t affecting Kobe on the court. 


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