Kobe Bryant’s $24 Million Payday by the Numbers

Can you imagine getting a $24.36 million paycheck in the mail one day? 

Such is life for Kobe Bryant, who is receiving 80 percent of his 2013-14 salary as an advance payment, even though we still don't know when he'll suit up and put the injured Achilles behind him. 

There's also no word on whether that check actually comes in the mail. CBS Sports' Zach Harper provides us with some awesome speculation on the topic: "Do they do that with just a straight direct deposit or will they actually give him cartoonish bags of money for him to load into a Brinks truck?" 

As reported by the Los Angeles Times' Eric Pincus and Mike Bresnahan, Bryant is getting what's called a "balloon payment," and the rest of his massive salary will be doled out throughout the year. So don't mistake this $24.36 million as his entire salary, even though that's well above what most NBA players even dream of making in two years. 

Kobe's salary is jumping from $27,849,149 last year to $30,453,805 in 2013-14, per Spotrac.com's databases, and those are the numbers I'll be using while breaking down how much the Mamba makes for each on-court contribution.  

If you feel bad about how much money you make, brace yourself. These are some gaudy figures. 

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