Kobe Bryant: Will Pending Divorce Affect the Los Angeles Lakers?

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa Bryant, filed for divorce from the Lakers' superstar guard. 

Apparently, Kobe Bryant continued to be unfaithful even after he bought a $4 million ring for his wife after the 2003 sexual assault scandal.

So how will this effect Kobe and the Lakers?

It will actually help them. 

Think of it this way.

Kobe Bryant is like the mad scientist who doesn't have a social life. He's a genius and he's the best at what he does, but he has numerous flaws.

He's hurt people. He's gotten into rifts with teammates like Shaq. He's cheated on his wife. He's always got a straight face on and one can say that he can be sarcastic during interviews.

But he doesn't care. He's not out there to be a role model. He's not a preacher. It's not his job. He knows that.

His job is to play basketball and he's pretty damn good at doing it. 

Kobe's mad now. He's criticized his team for dealing Lamar Odom and not being able to acquire Dwight Howard. And now this happens...

This should be bad news for the rest of the NBA. Kobe's the type of player who elevates his game when he's angry. When there is nothing left to think about, he thinks about basketball. He raises his game. 

The fact that the Lakers weren't able to get Howard or Paul in the shortened offseason is only going to fuel Kobe even more. He knows he's going to have to work even harder now.

And as unethical and immoral as it sounds, the fact that he no longer has a wife makes Kobe look even more like the crazy mad scientist who spends hours and hours in the laboratory trying to make the newest scientific discovery. 

When people have their hearts broken by a lover, they tend to look at what they have and they take an egocentric pride in that. Kobe has basketball. He's thinking ...

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