Kobe Bryant: Why He Can’t Touch Jordan in Playoff Greatness

In the vein of comparisons, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are a good match for many reasons.

Their playing styles, physical stature, certain statistics, history and charisma all stand up—eerily, at times—to one another.

But for the sake of who's greater?

Bryant comes up remarkably short in what is likely the most important category:  playoff performance.

Yes, Bryant won the 2009 and 2010 Finals MVP Awards—his first two—but in a game-by-game playoff analysis his play wasn't in the consistent frame of Jordan's performances.

Nor did he command the outcome of the games as great as MJ. 

Ahead we'll look at several reasons why, in the ultimate player comparison argument of our time, Bryant can not, and may not ever, stack up to Jordan's playoff magic.

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