Kobe Bryant Vs. Robert Horry: Can We Finally Have This Discussion?

Now that Kobe Bryant has won his fifth NBA Championship, we can finally discuss the issue that many have been reluctant to address in the past...

Is Bryant on par with Robert Horry?

Let's break it down, shall we?


Total NBA Titles

Kobe still trails in this category, having won five titles to Horry's seven.  Kobe still has a chance to equal Horry, but he is getting up there in years.  A lot will depend on the way that the balance of power shifts after this year's free agency period.  Advantage: Horry.


Number of Franchises With Titles

Kobe has won all of his titles with the Lakers.  Horry, on the other hand, won titles with three franchises: the Lakers, the Rockets, and the Spurs.  Clearly, this demonstrates that Horry was more compatible with other players than Bryant has been.  Advantage: Horry.


Titles Without Phil Jackson

Kobe has won zero titles without the Zen Master.  Horry, on the other hand, won four with other head coaches.  This unquestionably demonstrates that Horry is less dependent upon his head coach than Kobe is.  Advantage: Horry.


Titles Without the Other All-Time Great

Kobe has won two titles without Horry.  Horry, on the other had, has won four titles without Kobe.  This demonstrates that Horry was less dependent on Kobe than vice versa.  Advantage: Horry.


Horry earned his nickname, "Big Shot Rob," by making clutch three-pointers in the fourth quarter.  Kobe earned his nickname, "The Black Mamba" by...um...how did he get that nickname?  Did he give it to himself?  Is that the name that was given to him by female hotel desk clerks?  Nobody really knows.  Advantage: Horry.


Resemblance to Will...

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