Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: The Real Comparison

Are you as sick of the fake Kobe Bryant/Michael Jordan comparisons as I am?

Seriously, why is not good enough for Lakers fans to simply accept that they have ONE OF THE GREATEST players of all time.  Why must they insist on trying to argue that Kobe is the greatest.

I'm not a Bulls fan.  I fact, I hated how the Bulls made it impossible for my team, the Heat, to ever truly hope to make the Finals in the 1990s.

I'm also, contrary to popular belief, not a Lakers hater.  In fact, I always pulled for the Showtime Lakers over the Larry Bird Celtics.

I'm going to stay away from subjective opinion here and just present facts.

I will look at each player's five best seasons in several statistical categories, as well as their career playoff stats in each of those categories.

In doing so, I will demonstrate why the Kobe vs. Jordan argument is a farce. 

Kobe is not even close to Jordan.


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