Kobe Bryant Vs Michael Jordan: Season By Season Points Per Game!!!

Kobe Bryant scored 9 points on 3/11 shooting on Friday night vs. the Philadelphia 76ers. He is shooting 44% on the season and 45% for his career, with a career high fg% for a season of only 46.9%.

Not the numbers of a guy who would be compared to the GOAT, but I do it here anyway for the fun of it. 

Kobe is in his 15th season so it is handy to compare the two season by season to see how different their scoring was. 

Jordan finished his career with a 50% fg mark and amazingly finished his CAREER with a scoring average of 30.1. Wow, that is almost beyond possible. if I had not seen it with my very eyes. I saw Kobe's whole career too, and while it has been interesting, it is not up there with MJ.

In the last few stories we saw Kobe fell short dramatically to MJ in fg%, Rebs, steals, blocks and assists (closest was assists). Here we do the scoring comparison.

In order for a person to be the GOAT in my opinion, they must have been unstoppable from the first season all the way to the last. MJ did that! KB started out slow and then got good. That is not GOAT type stuff, but I think it is fun to compare them. Here we go kids...........

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